Who can use Gathr?

Anyone can use Gathr - individuals, corporate clients, event planners. Just provide a space like a house, office or even a rented venue. If you're unsure where to look for a cool space, we refer all of our customers to Peerspace.


How do I book my party?

You can shop a la carte and add multiple vendors as you build your party. Use our search feature to find what you want by mood, category or occasion.

Some vendors like chefs for example may ask for a headcount. Other vendors such as bands and DJs will have a flat fee and may offer tiered packages to choose from. 

Once you are ready to check out, we will collect your basic information and the full payment to reserve your vendors. Upon booking, we will confirm with you that your vendors chosen are available. Some vendors may be marked as an instant book while others might need a reservation before confirming their availability. 

After checking out, we'll gathr your basic party details to make sure everything for your event runs smoothly. 

What are the quality standards of vendors?

All of our vendors are vetted and reviewed before being listed on Gathr. Anyone who offers a service holds a high level of expertise and professionalism. Each vendor has the ability to connect with guests and entertain if they are on-site for a booking. Our vendors offer unique experiences and services you may not be able to find anywhere else. We ensure that any vendor offering a delivery service has an on-time guarantee for all their deliveries.


What are requirements for vendors?

All vendors who sign up to list a service comply with our vendor terms. Here are some additional requirements:

  • Accuracy  What you see is what you get. We aim to include every detail in each vendors listing so there are no surprises. We will also cater to any special needs upon request. Our vendors aim to deliver their best work and can guarantee punctuality. 
  • Commitment — All of our vendors are committed upon receiving a booking. They will ensure upon confirmation that they will be able to deliver the work.
  • Strong Reviews — Vendors with too many low reviews may be removed from Gathr. We aim to keep a strong level of customer satisfaction. 



What are some requirements before booking a party with Gathr?

As a host, it is up to you to choose where you want to Gathr. Vendors do not provide spaces. If you are in need of a space, we direct all of our hosts to use Peerspace to find local gems to complete their party. 

Additionally, you must comply with local laws when you book vendors through Gathr. For example, you’ll need to meet the local drinking age in order to drink alcohol with any of our vendors who serve including our craft beer pros, mixologists and sommeliers.


How can I invite my friends?

Treat it like you would any other nice get-together. Send a group text, mail out invitations — whatever works best for you and your guests. Remember, this is a nice event and you’re going to have a great time. 

If you provide your guests email address using our questionnaire after checkout, we will send each and every one of your guests a personalized digital invite via email.  

Looking to make your invites a little extra special? Reach out to us at support@gathr.in and we can help personalize printed invites just for you. 


Cancelling and Rescheduling: 

We understand that things change and conflicts arise. You are allowed to cancel your Gathr within a certain window. Each vendor sets their own cancellation policy from our categories: fair, moderate, strict, super-strict, and strict 30-days. 

Please note that some creative vendors may need to order materials in advance. We don't want to leave our chefs with a Sunday feast and no one to indulge in it. If you need to reschedule, email us at support@gathr.in and do so in a timely fashion.

You are only allowed to reschedule your Gathr once so make sure it's a date that works for you. You can view our cancellation policy here in more detail. 


How do I become a vendor? Who is this platform for?

This platform is for professionals looking to pursue their side hustle or creative experts who are looking to pick up extra gigs. Certain vendors must hold certain licenses expressed in our vendor terms in order to cater to certain types of events (ie: a chef at an outside venue and/or individuals looking to offer a catering drop-off service). 

Local chefs, bartenders, caterers, bakers, artists, and entertainers are just a few of the types of vendors that can join Gathr. Got a special skill? It's easy to sign up. To join our community of pros, fill out a 1-minute form here to agree to our terms and provide some basic information. When you are ready to add a service, you can submit this form here. Gathr will confirm when your listing is live. If for any reason it is not a good fit, Gathr reserves the right to not list your services. We aim to keep a level of quality on our site and each vendor must be able to provide a level of expertise and professionalism. We will provide feedback to anyone who does not meet our standards.