with the click of a button

Let’s face it, planning parties is hard work.

You have to call and research vendors. Or in some cases, you do it all yourself. You have little time and other things on your to-do list. With Gathr, you can have a party or corporate event planned in just a few minutes. That’s it! We’ll even send out invites for you.

Easily build your party with Gathr

You can search through local vendors to find unique ways to entertain your guests. Shop a la carte to build your party. Set the occasion or search by Mood. You set the vibe and choose where you want to Gathr. Find local gems or make it personal by having a chef in your own kitchen or a live show in your own backyard. Vendors will come to you, saving you time.

Local is at the heart of what we do.

Did you know that when you book through Gathr you are shopping local? When you support local, you are supporting families. You are supporting Chicago. We are proud to list local independent vendors and small businesses on our site.

Meet the Founder

It all started with too many chips, and not enough guac

My husband and I were throwing a Mexican themed House Warming Party (because we love a themed party). I had a gig that day, so Chris had to clean the whole place all by himself (Thank you, Chris!) I came home with an hour to spare. Guests were walking in with their potluck dishes as we were still getting ready. My friend poured in way too much Tequlia into the Margarita Mix. Everyone got drunk really fast (including me). As mentioned, there were too many chips and not enough guac to go around. I didn’t even say hello to one of our guests that left early because I was trying to fix food! I was mortified. I thought there’s gotta be an easier way. That’s where Gathr evolved.