Ram Dass Satsang Baton Rouge
by justin
Baton Rouge, LA, United States

From Ram Dass's Love Serve Remember Foundation: Sacred community, or Satsang, is the place to find fellow truth-seekers on the path. Together we create a heart-filled space that deepens us into the practices and the teachings. We provide a refuge for those hungry for connection, including ourselves. And collectively, we hold a wisdom that helps us remember when we forget. In the Ram Dass Fellowship, we come together and share our authenticity and curiosities of life under the umbrella of Ram Dass's teachings and Maharajji.

We're only gathering in spirit at the moment.

Aug 18
06:30 PM

Here we will discuss the goals of the Satsang and plan future events. This will most likely be held in Apartment 5M (location is tentative).

Attended:  justin