Allison & Dave N.

Reds & White: The Basics


Per person

Most of us know to match red wine with steak and white wine with fish. But beyond that, it can get tricky. If you don’t know a Pinot Noir from a Cab or a Chardonnay from a Riesling, then this class is for you. Join Allison (the personality) and Dave (the brains) for an evening of wine basics and food pairing to learn how a little wine knowledge can transform any meal into a culinary adventure.

Study, sip and spit. Over the course of the evening, we will explore three reds and three whites. We will also provide suggestions beforehand for dinner menu items and light appetizers for pairing. If you have a dish in mind, let us know in the notes section at checkout so we can pick the perfect pairing for you and your friends.

“Dave, the wine guy” — from sports writer to wine aficionado.
Allison, his wife” — lived in Napa for a few years and picked up some tips along the way.

2 1/2 hours

Alcohol is not included. A wine shopping list will be provided. Discounted wine can be offered and packaged up to "grab and go" with local wine shops including the Noble Grape. 

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