Fig Catering

Think Jerky & Cocktails


Per person

The mixology catering experts at FIG invite you to mingle, relax, and enjoy specific food-based cocktails to pair with the chef-crafted flavors of Chicago's Think Jerky. This is a perfect option for an office happy hour or celebration to imbibe and thrill your palate without filling up too much before hitting the town.

Includes three (3) cocktails, Think Jerky snacks, mixologist(s), and basic bar set-up for a minimum of thirty (30) people and a maximum of two (2) hours of service. Additional rental charges or staffing charges upon request may apply.  


Savory Old Fashioned

Mezcal Raspberry Agave Sour

Gin Lemongrass Ginger Collins 


Think Jerky Classic Beef Jerky

Think Jerky Sriracha Honey Turkey Jerky

Think Jerky Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky

*This vendor requires a minimum of 30 guests. For parties under 30, additional fees apply.